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► Singapore Customers:

Ergonomic design that is flexible and fit perfectly next to the skin, loved by postpartum mothers and women.

Biological activity material that is 100% safe, patent materials combined with ergonomic design. It has the function of thermal retention and soothing soreness, which is suitable for general public for health care, soreness, or menstrual pain. With the lifting design of wide bottom and narrow top, it helps in postpartum recovery. Lower back has a vertical flexible supporting stripe which makes it more comfortable for wearing. 

【Corset/Take off time】

‧Wear Bodycare Waistband after waking up in the morning or before doing activity ‧Take off before taking shower and going to bed ‧Can also be worn 24 hours

【How to use】

1. Align the bottom of Bodycare Waistband with the middle of the hip. (Postpartum user must lie down flat without pillow)

2. Put “①fixed area”on the abdomen or affected region, pull tight and fix in moderation.

3. The “stretching” part has 2-stage split design, please set ②lower stretching band first, then set ③upper stretching band

【Washing instructions】

1. Use neutral detergent and water under 30°C to wash will not reduce function of product.

2. Do not use bleach, iron, or clothes dryer.

3. Place in cool area for air-dry.


► Singapore Customers: