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Taken from the community, giving back to the community
Zi Jin Tang upholds gratitude and carries forward the "caring community, contribute to the community" spirit. There are numbers of social welfare organizations, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions nationally being assisted through our sponsorship. In the future, Zi Jin Tang will continue to help the community to take care of the poor disadvantaged groups and work for the sustainable development of society.


Oct.:Donated "Miaoli County, Zhu-Sen Community, Chongyang charity fund”.

Jul.:Sponsored charity event held by "Children's Hearing Foundation".

Jul.:Sponsored charity event held by "Changhua County, Yuanlin Town,Yu-Yi Temple".

Jun.:Sponsored charity event held by "Family of Joy social welfare foundation".

Jun.:Sponsored book donation event held by "Taiwan Guan-Gong culture association".

Apr.:Donated "Changhua County, Yuanlin Town, Yu-Yi Temple charity fund”.

Apr.:Donated “Taipei City, Neihu District, ZhouZi-Fude Temple charity fund”.

Feb.:Sponsored charity concert held by Taiwan Alzheimer's Disease Association.


Nov.:Donated Taiwan Alzheimer's Disease Association charity fund.

Nov.:Donated Taichung mental health foundation charity fund.

Sep.: Sponsored " Changhua Yuyi Temple " charity fund.

Jul.: Sponsored "Taipei Banka Longshan Temple" charity fund.

Jun.: Sponsored "Cross Strait Chinese Restaurant Franchise Association" to promote cross-strait dining charity event.

Jun.: Sponsored Family Aid Foundation’s charity event "adopt-children-plan" for adopting a total of three children.

Jun.: Sponsored Taiwan Foundation for Children and Family Support charity event with 100 boxes cake.

Mar.: Donation for subscription of "Buddha Heart Magazine" in educating people charity event.

Mar.: Donation to "Zhou Daguan Education Foundation" care for children charity event.

Mar.: Donation to "Joy Family Foundation Welfare Care" for vulnerable children charity event.

Mar.: Donation to "Chinese National Association of Legal Transformation" for the rule of law reconstruction charity event.

Mar.: Donation to "Taiwan Guan Gong Cultural Association" to educate people charity event.

Mar.: Donation to Taipei Neihu Chau Zi Crawford Temple Saisen.

Feb.: Donation to "Chinese silver-haired health care association" Charity Fund charity event.

Jan.: Sponsored "Zen An Foundation" - the 25th of Poor Poets to eat 30 year end charity activities.


Dec.: Sponsored Jiangxi "Yichun School" three poor students to complete their education charity event.

Dec.: Sponsored Taichung private mental health welfare foundations "Charity Fund" charity event.

Dec.: Sponsored Tamsui Guan Yin Temple's "building temple fund" charity event.

Nov.: Sponsored Nantou Yuchih Township "Xuan Guan Temple charity fund" charity event.

sep.: Sponsored Loving Blind Foundation "charity event fund".

Aug.: Donation to Taipei Neihu Chau Zi Crawford Temple Saisen.

May : Assisted in the care of the home, "Growing Training Camp Charity".

May : Sponsored Taichung Association of the Deaf, "disabilities Dragon Boat Thanksgiving Circus".

May : Assisted Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission the world's "restaurant business workshops" designated observe teaching and learning visit.

Apr.: Sponsored Deming University of Science and Technology "Deming hungry together, hungry dream is gone" charity event.

Feb.: Sponsored Joy Family Welfare Foundation Care for vulnerable groups plan.

Jan.: Assisted "Seniors Industry Alliance" visit to exchange theme.


Oct.: Assisted World Peace Council for its “promoting children's services” work.

Oct.: Sponsored Jing Hui International in printing mom booklets for charity bazaar.

Sep.: Donation to Taipei Neihu Chau Zi Crawford Temple Saisen.

Sep.: Assisted Shanghai Women's Federation delegation to visit Taiwan and exchange information.

Jul.: Hold charity Donation & Sale Campaign, donated eleven thousand nine hundred to Women Rescue Foundation.

Jun.: Donated Ten Thousand Fund to Chinese Promise ancestors Association for the Promotion of universal brotherhood temple.

Jun.: Assisted Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission the world's "restaurant business workshops" designated observe teaching and learning visit.

Jun.: Assisted Beijing Capital Economic Research visiting Taiwan to exchange information.

Jun.: Sponsored China Guan Sheng cultural world association Foundation in promoting loyalty personnel training plan.

Jun.: Assisted Singapore members of Congress and catering Society group theme exchange visit.

Feb.: Donated Sunlight Foundation funds to co-ordinate the use of program.

Jan.: Donated Taiwan Orchestra group "Far kids' music reforestation program.

Jan.: Sponsored Joy Family Foundation Welfare Care for vulnerable groups plan.

Jan.: Donated to Changhua County Erlin elementary school’s Charity accounts emergency assistance payment plan.



Nov.: Assisted Taichung City Health Bureau’s press conference "knowing winter tonic herbs" charity

Oct.: Sponsored Taiwan Institute of Road Mercy Corps "gentleman's heart," the well-known calligrapher leading to goodness calendar printing

sep.: Sponsored Tainan Kowloon Prince Palace

sep.: Sponsored National Changhua Wan Lai elementary school for poor student fund

Aug.: Sponsored Beijing Foreign Studies University academia study program

Aug.: Sponsored Association of Chinese Cuisine Taiwan 101 Chefs plan

Aug.: Assisted Taichung City Government’s Secretary of Health led a delegation visit

Jul.: Sponsored Jiangxi University of Finance and the International Institute overseas professional study visit program

Jun.: Sponsor Taipei Rotary Youth Mercy 109th regular meeting

May : Turgeon Road gourmet cuisine heritage news conference sponsorships Cuisine Association

Apr.: Sponsored Yuan Ze University’s Beijing Dream Trip plan

Mar.: Sponsored Yavin child care Foundation to listen to the language for children with hearing loss, open the sound doors plan

Mar.: Sponsored Taiwan String Orchestra 2012 Music Seeds plan

Jan.: Sponsored Association of Chinese Cuisine writing Taiwan 100 chefs special issue


Dec.: Sponsored Hualien County private Chang Yu Social Welfare Charitable Foundation charity care for the elderly and disadvantaged groups of children benefit plans

Nov.: Assisted young entrepreneurs in mainland Fuzhou visiting Zi Jin Tang

sep.: Assisted Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau health care Alliance visit 


Dec.: Sponsored Creation Social Welfare Foundation’s New Year's dinner charity

Jun.: Sponsored Taichung County – “Mommy breastfeeding, the county sent charity goodies” press conference

Jun.: Sponsored Taiwan Breast Milk Association’s member assembly charity event

May : Assisted Chang Gung Institute of Technology’s Department of Nutrition and Health with business visiting

Feb.: Sponsored Taipei County’s care for the disadvantaged welfare charity love New Year's dinner Project 300


Dec.: Sponsored National Moral boost charity tour

Dec.: Help Shih Chien University to promote cross-strait cultural exchanges charity event

Dec.: Sponsored cross-strait Elite painting contest charity event

Nov.: Sponsored 921 community reconstruction; Taumi community services for the elderly and care charity

Oct.: Sponsored Taipei County 98th annual Mid-Autumn Festival for poor and handicapped

Sep.: Sponsored Rare Disease Foundation AADC patients symposium

Sep.: Sponsored in donation of Taiwan Red Cross for Morakot typhoon charity event

Aug.: Sponsored Nantou Tianxin Temple charity event

Aug.: Sponsored Guan Gong Culture Festival of Arts and Humanities Education Fair charity event- Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

May : Donation to Taiwan Breast Milk Association charity event

May : Sponsored Feng Chia University’s charity donations to poor students


Aug.: Sponsored "Fascinating and Charming - Taichung County Instruments Festival" charity event

Feb.: Sponsored Taiwan Guan Gong Cultural Association for Blessing Taiwan Evening Event