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health expert on functional tonic and products.

Founded in 2005
Given the demand for modern women’s confinement tends to follow professional and sophisticated conditioning regimen, Zi Jin Tang recruited a group of Chinese and Western medicine, food and nutrition, meals design, production management, information systems, post-natal care, marketing and other areas of professions. Early in 2005 when the company first started, "enterprise management" concept was applied. Set up a 21600 square feet central kitchen that meets national standard of HACCP, a team with the composition of development, production, marketing, dietary, nursing, logistics, management, and other multi-professions. With various specialization and team spirit, together providing confinement meal service to every customer with whole heart.

Business philosophy 

【Working hard in the profession】
Food safety is the first step to healthy eating
Zi Jin Tang central kitchen passed ISO22000 and HACCP verification. It has the most complete hardware devices, software systems and optimal process planning. From farm to table, orders to shipments, each aspect meets professional standards with strict control to ensure food safety and hygiene.

【Wisdom of regimen】
The wisdom of ancestors; a new era of taste
Adhere to the concept of food and traditional Chinese medicine from same origin, combined with modern nutrition to develop various regimen diets. Through food healing to adjust the constitution of body, to nourish body, to enhance physical strength, and to achieve the purpose of health.

【Health care】
Confinement conditioning, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery
Most women must return to work immediately after maternity leave. Zi Jin Tang carefully developed postpartum confinement diet and professional postpartum care, to fulfill postpartum women’s needs of body recuperation and breast-feeding in only 30 days.

Corporate culture
Sincere, honest, pragmatic, trustworthy

【Sincere intention】
Keep close eye on each step from meal development, ingredients purchasing, cooking operations, product packaging, and distribution of food. The whole process does not handover to other to guarantee food safety for customers.

【Upright and honest】
Carefully selected ingredients, Chinese herbs; production process does not add artificial colors, preservatives, etc .., using fresh ingredients and healthy cooking techniques to enhance the flavor and to present the original sweetness of natural food.

【Pragmatic] rigorous】
Strict production management and meal operating system to ensure that each order is methodical, so that meals are completely and correctly delivered to each customer's hands.

【Trustworthy in meal delivery】
Zi Jin Tang has low - temperature refrigeration logistics team all year round, rain or shine, is committed to the completion of the distribution of meals within the delivery time to ensure that the food fresh and tasty.