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●”From farm to table” each step is controlled and managed by food safety.
●Implementation of 3-level of food safety management system: self-management, certification agency inspection, government inspection
●Subject to annual inspection once irregularly by local health bureau and Food Industry Institute.

The first layer   Carefully selected supplier
【Choose suppliers with certified ingredients】
Regular annual assessment of suppliers to obtain the inspection report regularly and to implement purchase management. Conduct inventory check and check the state of conservation of raw materials, the shelf life monthly.

The second layer   Ingredients inspection check
【Rigorous inspection of receiving ingredients】
When receiving ingredients, quality assurance personnel inspects according to acceptance test basis, acts as gatekeeper for the ingredients quality. For each ingredient’s biological, physical, and chemical properties perform the hazard analysis, and set the inspection acceptance.

The third layer   Ingredients deep inspection
【In depth detect for quality that is invisible to the naked eye】
Detection of biological hazards such as mold, E. coli, bacteria and other microorganisms; rapid screening of chemical hazards such as antibiotics as to ensure food safety. Outsourcing related test from time to time to perform inspection for fish, meat, medicine and other materials. Check for antibiotics, sulfonamides, pesticide residues, and heavy metals at each level, so that consumers feel more secure.

The fourth layer   Processing and handling food carefully
【Processing complies with good hygiene practices】
Before using the ingredients, they will be tested by stone-selecting machine and metal detector to remove foreign materials such as small stones and metals. Vegetable, fish, meat wash separately. Vegetables and fruits use 3-section sink to wash and clean. Cutting boards and knives are classified into 4 colors, according to vegetables, raw meat, seafood, cooked food. Different food use different cutting board and knife to avoid food cross-contamination.

The fifth layer   Controlling cooking process
【Standard operating cooking methods to ensure food taste and product quality and stability】
Chefs in central kitchen all have chef licenses and both Chinese and Western culinary certificate. Cooking process is double-checked by chefs and quality assurance personnel to ensure the quality of the meal.

The sixth layer   Meal sample retention
【Retention of meal sample for inspection to ensure food safety】
Every product goes through meal packaging according to rules of HACCP and GHP, so that product traceability can be established. In addition, daily microbiological testing is also conducted to ensure food safety.

The seventh layer   Immediate refrigeration of finished products
【Instant cooling to maintain food freshness】
Finished products were immediately cooled in the refrigerator after packaging, to reduce time staying at the temperature zone of bacteria growth.

The eighth layer   Shipping inspection approval
【Ensure correct and complete customer receiving】
Before shipping quality control staff will check the customer's name, product name, quantity, and packaging for shipping inspection. Conduct packing photography to ensure correct and complete customer receiving.

The ninth layer   Zi Jin Tang low temperature logistics team
 【Regardless of the weather deliver to home】
Rigorous low-temperature refrigeration delivery with check for cleanness and temperature before and after taking off. It allows the product effectively maintain the quality of meals during shipment. For customers, Zi Jin Tang faithfully delivers meal, regardless of the weather, year-round, can show that the fundamental belief of Zi Jin Tang is customer-oriented.