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Central kitchen was built according to professional meal preparing order with double inspection verification. From receiving, cleaning, cooking, to packaging which were all being done at separate places. In general, there are ingredient storeroom, fresh washing area, cooking area, and packaging area.

Ingredient Storeroom
Seasonings and dry goods for meal preparing storage room.
Sterilization area
From washing area to cooking area, there are several steps to follow to ensure environmental sanitation to the next area. First, wash hands with alcohol at sterilization area, wash rubber boots at soaking shoe pool, and then pass through air door to block the air in this area from entering in.
Fresh washing area
Use different sinks to wash vegetables/fruits and meat.
Fresh washing area, cooking area and packaging area are all built with stainless steel wall. It is easy to clean and hard to breed bacteria.
Cooking area
Can be divided into stir-fried, boiled, steamed, stewed and other parts, so that the ingredients can be cooked according to different needs.




Baking area
Packaging area
To ensure the freshness of meal, ingredients are quickly packed after cleaning and cooking. In addition, microbiological testing is conducted to strengthen food safety checks.
Staff control
●Staff health management inspection and record twice daily
●Staff hand checks weekly
●Staff health checks annually
●Regular staff training about current food safety issues
●Regular staff training about central kitchen quality management and food safety
Sanitary control
●Clean equipment and sterilize utensils with ultraviolet light daily.
●Vector mosquito control, including mosquito curtain, mosquito lights, and screen door to prevent and treat weekly.
●Water quality check weekly, clean water tower monthly
●Commission environmental company to clean up waste