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ISO22000 HACCP Meaning represented by double verification
ISO22000 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) were set by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to meet worldwide food safety regulatory standards and requirements, as to ensure the overall safety of the food supply chain (from farm to table), which is also the assurance for food safety and quality.

Carefully selected safe vegetable   Pesticides OUT! LOHAS ING!
Carefully selected good quality vegetable with more vitamins and minerals than other vegetables in general. No pesticide residues, which is your safe and healthy choice!
Use soy products with no preservatives
Traditional craft’s exquisite touch coupled with modern manufacturing equipment, without adding preservatives to make health quality guaranteed.
Mushrooms direct selling from origin
Using an unexpected way to grow mushrooms in a sterile space. Retain the freshest taste of ingredients as to allow honorable you to experience the top taste.
Kaohsiung #9 red beans, taste the sweetness
Kaohsiung #9 red beans have the features of thin skin and full stuffing, savoury and mellow; production processes using natural farming. Insist on hand harvesting (general practice is pesticides harvest), no pesticide residues.

Central kitchen’s physical facilities
Our company has a professional central kitchen with 600 square meters. It is planned according to Food Good Hygiene Practice (GHP). Not only distinguishing working areas by cleanliness requirements, it also regulates and plans the flow of person, food, water, and air. The clean operation area and standard clean operation area use stainless steel compartment and capping treatment to effectively avoid cross-contamination.

Carefully selected red jujubes, naturally sweet
Carefully selected natural red jujubes; no smoked sulfur dioxide, no heavy metals, no pesticide residues, completely release red jujubes flavor.
Carefully selected good quality Brazilian mycelium
Precious cultivated Brazilian mushroom, use special techniques to simulate upland growth conditions, and cultured by the resonant activated water from organic conversion of natural minerals and trace elements.
Excellent traceability certification Dong Fong chicken
Verified by national food safety system, there is no use of growth hormone during feeding process, with strict control of feeds, you can have assurance with every process.
Tai Chan happy pig that grow up while listening to music
Tai Chan happy pig that grow up while listening to music; from production to sales to consumers all with traceability records. No antibiotics, sulfonamides drug, hormone, pesticide residues, which is your most reliable choice.